5 Awesome Car Paint Jobs

There comes a time in every car owner's life when a paint-job is considered. Whether it's through a random creative impulse, or an unfortunate post-accident necessity, paint-jobs are seemingly inevitable. More often than not, paint-jobs are simply adding another layer of paint to a car to make it shiny and new again, but, as with anything paint-related, paint-jobs can be works of art. Here are five paint-jobs that are quite impressive with their creativity, extraordinary quality, and timelessness.
Invisible Car - Paint Jobs in Runnemede, NJ
1. The first paint-job is one that was done by an art student, not your local auto mechanic. Sara Watson of the University of Central Lancashire has created an invisible car simply by using paint. The car is parked in front of a building and has been painted to resemble the building along with the sidewalk and pavement below it. The finished result is an almost perfect camouflage that is so astonishingly well done, the car is said to be practically invisible. You can see this car at www.areaofdesign.com.
2. The second paint-job is one that incorporates not only paint, but live smoke! Clearly, this is not something that one could get at the store (as with the previous invisible car), but it is truly remarkable. The paint-job itself is of a Chinese dragon on the side of the car, which is impressive in itself, however the eye is drawn to the cloud of smoke coming out of his nostrils. How the smoke is funneled out of the dragon's nostrils is not revealed, nevertheless, the effect is spectacular. You can see this car at www.crystalmoth.com.
Dragon paint - paint jobs in Runnemede, NJ
Lamborghini - Paint Jobs in Runnemede, NJ
3. A Lamborghini car is something that will turn heads by itself, but with a special hand-drawn paint job, the car is a literal show-stopper. A Lamborghini car outfitted in black and white design is really quite beautiful, giving a new meaning to the term “luxury.” The nondescript design is something that one would see on an artist's canvas, not on an actual car. The time and effort it took to create this design must have been truly intensive, and the price tag of the car now is probably through the roof. You can see this car at www.techeblog.com.
4. While the 80's are long gone, it seems as if many young adolescent boys dream of owning a car with flames painted on it. The pervasiveness of this paint-job has existed ever since the idea of designer paint jobs was introduced sometime in the 1950's. While most are seemingly tacky, there are a few paint-jobs like this that have been executed rather well. This paint-job design is so ubiquitous that it would be a disservice to not mention it! You can view a flames-paint-job on google images, there are so many like it.
Burning skull paint - paint jobs in Runnemede, NJ
Lamborghini - Paint Jobs in Runnemede, NJ
5. A good paint-job for most people is hard to find. But when it is found, there is something uniquely aesthetic in looking at the before and after photos of the car. In a way, the classic paint-job really is a work of art in itself despite it being so common. Some paint-jobs, if done well, can even transform the rustiest of clunkers into decently presentable cars. One such paint-job can be viewed at www.thirdgen.org on their techboard.
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