Can you trust your auto-mechanic?

It seems as though everyone has stories of being ripped-off at the mechanic for something they would be able to do themselves. Either that, or something that their handy relative could fix with some home-spun mechanical wisdom and practicality. That's not always possible once one owns a car, and every car requires maintenance once in a while. A car, like a human, needs a doctor, and that doctor is the neighborhood auto-mechanic. But, again, how can you trust you're getting your money's worth?

First Things First

The first thing you'll want to do is find out if your auto-mechanic is certified to be doing auto repair and maintenance work in the first place. Look around the waiting room for neat certifications from reputable sources hanging on the wall and in most cases your auto-mechanic will check out. If you don't see any certifications upfront, it is your responsibility to ask what certifications and qualifications your auto-mechanic has. Otherwise, it's beyond a probable doubt that you might end up paying way more than you have to for a service of lesser quality.

There is no test you can do on your own to determine whether or not your auto-mechanic is offering you a good service at an equitable price. That's why one needs to seek out people who have dealt with the auto-mechanic before. That means getting referrals. One can simply go online and search the name of the auto-mechanic and read any comments that are attributed to them. Of course, you'll know what to do then; a good mechanic is five, four, even three stars while a bad mechanic is two or one star. Read every comment with a grain of salt though, not every person writing an opinion on the internet is necessarily speaking from sound logic and experience.

Communication With Your Mechanic

Talk with your auto-mechanic! Chances are he or she is a human too. Have your auto-mechanic explain in detail what he plans to do to your car, and how much he's going to charge you for it. Do not be afraid to ask questions or even make suggestions. It is important to exchange contact information with your auto-mechanic and generally it's a good idea to get to know a little bit about them, as with anyone providing an expensive service.